There are millions of people in the world, but it just takes one to make a difference - do something important - it has to start somewhere and with somebody. Start now! Be somebody! Be One In A Million! The time is now! To help our planet - to help Mother Earth. So, please join the One In A Million Campaign and plant a tree!

Trees are a valuable and renewable resource and you can help repopulate nature's landscape - in communities large and small - with trees. Trees clean our air of carbon compounds and give us oxygen to breathe. Trees provide a cool break and give us shade from the summer heat. Trees grow delicious fruit and nuts, and give us plenty of good things to eat.
To join the campaign, we must hear from you! Plant a tree and fill out the online registration form. If you would like to learn more, send a self-addressed stamped envelope or a 32¢ stamp and we'll send you more information on the campaign, plus other resources for ideas on tree planting. Write Today - we're looking forwoard to hearing from you!

Be one in a million.
It's easy. Just Plant A
tree, by yourself, with
your family, with
your school group,
club or Scout
Contact Us!
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One In A Million Campaign
P.O. Box 158254
Nashville, Tennessee 37215



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