"There are Millions of people in the world - but it just takes one to make a difference! To make a difference - do something important - it has to start somewhere and with somebody. Start now! Be Somebody! Be One In A Million!" Melissa Poe.

The One In A Million Campaign was started with this main thought - That Kids can make a difference! Melissa and Tara are responding to the President's Call to Action! The time is Now - it is up to you to answer the Call to get involved in your Community! Be one of the million and join with kids all over the world who are choosing to Be Somebody - to Be One In A Million - and plant a tree.

It is Easy to join the Campain. All you have to do is to follow these CPR steps.

  1. "C" stands for Care: Who is going to take care of your tree after is has been planted? The first year of growth is very important - and we recommend someone look after your tree for the first three years of growth. That someone could be you or someone else like your teacher, principal or park director - but someone needs to be in charge of making sure the tree receives the proper care (watering, weeds pulled, etc. - during the first few years.)
  2. "P" stands for Planting: Your tree will have the greatest chance of survival when it has been planted properly. Be sure to follow proper planting procedures outlined below - and if you are not sure how to plant a tree - ask for help!
  3. "R" stands for Registering: To be included as a participant in the One In A Million Campaign, you must register your tree planting. You can fill out the form below and send it to us via the internet or print this page on a piece of paper and send to us through the mail. When possible, we would like to receive the hang-tag from the tree you planted (if one came with your tree).

Fill out the following form to register your tree in the One In A Million Campaign!

Group Name:
Contact Person:
I / We planted (# of trees)
trees at:
(street address, city, state, & zip code where you planted your tree)
I planted the tree with: (please include the names of the people who participated in the project. Use extra paper if needed to includfe classmate names, club members names, scout troop.
Youth Volunteer Names
Youth Volunteer Hours
The tree (or trees) was a (species name of tree):
Who helped with the project? (Names of busineses, clubs or others who helped with the donations of trees, money, etc.: parents, teachers, and other adult sponsors)
After I planted the tree, I (we) watered the tree: Yes!
Made sure someone will take care of the tree: Yes!
I would like to be a member of Kids F.A.C.E.: Yes!
Submit this information to Kids F.A.C.E.:

Each and every tree planted by a youth will be entered in the official One In A Million Campaign Register - after we have received notification and documentation of the planting. The name of each child or school, scout troop, or club will also be registered. The Final Register will then be presented to the President of the United States in the year 2,000 with the planting of the one-millionth tree!


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