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on an Earth Odyssey

The world has moved into a new millennium....New pages of history are being written about national leaders....Kids everywhere are leaving a mark on their communities by their good works of volunteer service.... And Kids For A Clean Environment is a part of the new millennium helping kids make a difference in their communities!

The year 2,000 marked the successful completion of the program: The One In A Million Campaign. Over the past eleven years, Kids F.A.C.E.® has initiated several successful and award winning programs such as the "Earth Messages from Kids", the "Kids Earth Flag", and the "Animal Care Team". And, we are very excited about our latest project: "An Earth Odyssey"


Kids For A Clean Environment's newest service learning project is, "2001: Earth Odyssey". The Earth Odyssey is a very special program because it addresses three important issues:

Habitats, Air quality and Land management.

The program's focus is on the survival of animals, the health of children, and the loss of land and natural resources.

Is it important for us to provide habitats for wildlife, improve the quality of the air, and manage land wisely?

Well, for one thing, did you know that the destruction of the rain forest and urban development has destroyed natural wildlife habitats leaving many species on the threatened or endangered list?

Did you also realize that active children are the highest risk group from ozone exposure?

Did you ever stop to think that recycling prevents almost 61 million tons of waste material from ending up in landfills and incinerators each year? These are just some of the reasons that lead us to create the 2001: Earth Odyssey project where we could not only learn more about these issues but we could also start doing things to help protect our Habitats, Air, and Land.

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